Acquire the steam of the love of Allah - Muaaz bin Jabal Musallah, Westville

Zikr Majlis, at Muaaz bin Jabal Musallah, Westville on March 15, 2018

The objective of your love should be the very Being that created you, Allah Rabbul Izzat, and those who are closely associated with Him. Love is a great sentiment, which must be directed towards something that is not perishable and that will give us maximum ‘returns’. Allah SWT did not say that you should not love anything else as love for parents, spouse, children, relatives, the Ummah etc., is permissible and meritorious. Allah SWT gives a stern warning however, against one whose love for parents, spouses, children, siblings, relatives, wealth, businesses and homes supersedes the love for Allah, Allah’s Rasool (SAW) and striving for the Deen. Rather, the love for Allah SWT must be dominant over the love of every other thing, such that nothing comes between carrying out His order and abstaining from that which He has prohibited. The ‘steam’ of the love of Allah, when generated in the ‘engine’ of our heart, gives us the power to carry the weighty Amanah of Allah’s orders. Our beloved Rasool (SAW) was the highest embodiment of love of Allah SWT, thereafter the Ambiyaa AS, Sahabah-e-Kiraam RA and the Auliya Allah. Remembering Allah SWT in abundance, by keeping the tongue most with His Zikr is one of the most beloved actions to Allah SWT and a sign of true love for Him.

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Duration Main: 00:26
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Tags: abstaining, acquire, actions, Allah, amanah, ambiyaa, associated, beloved, Children, deen, embodiment, engine, Heart, Love, objective, orders, parents, permissible, prohibited, Rasool, relativies, remembering, returns, Sahabah, spouse, steam, supersedes, tongue, ummah, warning, wealth, zikr

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