Lessons from the trials of Taif

Jumuah, at Westville on November 17, 2017

We have to be the agents of change to eliminate the weak, disunited and dysfunctional condition of the Muslim Ummah. There are great lessons from the life of Nabi S.A.W and the incident of Taif. In the year of grief and sorrow (Aam ul Huzn), Nabi S.A.W went to Taif and spent a month there. He went from door to door giving the message of Islam only to be rejected, attacked and chased out of the town. After being revived from unconsciousness, Nabi S.A.W was in an orchard where a Christian slave, Addas offered him grapes to eat. Nabi S.A.W recited Bismillah before eating and upon hearing about Nabi S.A.W mission, Addas fell to his knees, kissed Nabi S.A.W and recited the Shahadah. Nabi S.A.W made dua to Allah Ta’ala expressing, his own shortcomings and difficulties and asked Allah Ta’ala for assistance. It is through the blessed duas of Nabi S.A.W that from the progeny of Taif, Muhammad Bin Qasim conquered Pakistan and India and established Islam there. The lesson for us is if dua is not accepted immediately by Allah Ta’ala it will most certainly be accepted in some form in this world or the next.


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