Sunnah life - freedom from worry and sorrow - Athlone Park Musallah, Amanzimtoti

Zikr Majlis, at Amanzimtoti on November 9, 2017

The only formula to achieve freedom from the worries and sorrows of both the worlds is to become the true slave of Madinah, by practicing on the ways and teachings of Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) from the heart, with full conviction. The ultimate reality and essence of the life in this world is that man was created surrounded by hardships and trials. This world is not meant to be a blissful existence; but the Believer whose heart is attached to Madinah and all that it symbolises, rides the ‘waves’ of difficulties and hardships unafraid and with ease, until he reaches the ‘calm oceans’ of Jannah. In the face of difficulty, Sahabah-e-Kiraam RA were strengthened in Iman and would proclaim, ‘HasbunAllahu wa ni’mal wakeel’ [3:173] – ‘Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best of Guardians’. Once every teaching of Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) becomes ingrained in us and we meticulously practice on the Sunnah, the difficulties of this world won’t affect us, nor will we experience hardship in the Hereafter. The moment of glory for the devoted Ummati is to be granted the drink of Haudh-e-Kauthar from the Mubarak hands of Nabi (SAW)! The true Ummati will gain the intercession of Nabi (SAW), flying through every phase of the Hereafter until he reaches his abode in Jannah. The connection to Madinah begins with connecting our hearts to our local places of Ibadah, which are connected to the HQ of Islam, ‘mother’ of all Masjids – Masjidun Nabawi, built by our beloved Rasool (SAW) and his Companions. Allah SWT will take care of and grant peace in our homes, when we connect ourselves to His House.

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