Quran - Our Saviour from Fitnahs

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on November 10, 2017

In today’s world, huge disputes and arguments are taking place everywhere in the Ummah. These arguments make a Believer distract and weak. The great Imams of the Ummah had difference of opinions but they never argued. Once Haris Al Awar (RA) passed by the Masjid and some men had some arguments and he was upset and went to Hazrat Ali (RA). Hazrat Ali (RA) said: I had heard this from Nabi Kareem (SAW) that this fitnah will come, people will start arguing, fighting over minute things and will leave out major things. Hazrat Ali asked, how can we save ourselves from this fitnah? Nabi Kareem (SAW) said, if you want to escape from this fitnah, hold fast onto the Book of Allah (Quran). Then Nabi Kareem (SAW) mentioned the attributes of Quran, which we can ponder upon and take lesson from the past nations, and the signs that will come till Qiyamah. Allah Ta’ala has mentioned all the rules and conduct of our life in the Quran. At a time of disputes or arguments, Quran Shareef should be made our Arbitrator. That means any dispute whether personal, financial, domestic or international should be resolved according to the rules and guidelines of the Quran. In this time, the Quran Shareef is the best strategy to come out of our difficulties. The reading, hearing and listening of Quran must be coupled with implementing and practicing upon Quran Shareef which can save us from all fitnahs.

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