Live like Brothers, Deal like Strangers Part 1

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on October 13, 2017

Allah Ta'ala has cautioned man in the Qur'an Shareef against argumentation, dispute and conflict. This is also one of the greatest weaknesses of the human being. Allah has guided man to adopt certain principles which will protect a person from such problems arising between him and fellow human beings, Muslims or non-Muslims. Allah Ta'ala mentions in the Quran Shareef that it is the plot of Shaitaan that he implants evil feeling of hatred, jealousy, malice, and breaking of relationships among the hearts of people. The Qur'an Shareef highlights that alcohol (drugs and other such intoxicants) and gambling are the tools of Shaitaan that he uses to create dispute among people.
Allah Ta'ala has given clear rules that need to be followed to ensure that a transaction is permissible and through those rules Allah Ta'ala closes all doors of Gharar (uncertainty) with regards to the transaction to prevent all disputes. Nabi (SAW) said that the transactions based on Gharar are prohibited. Transactions which have elements of one party unjustly benefiting over the other is prohibited such as Qimar (gambling).
There is a beautiful principle which is elucidated in Shariah: Live like brothers in social life and deal like strangers in financial matters. There are proper guidelines in the Quran Shareef for conducting the transactions. It must be recorded clearly and there should be witnesses. Even in the family business, everything should be made clear; all the roles, responsibilities, ownership and dues needs to be fully documented, clarified and understood to safeguard against dispute, argumentation and litigation. Nowadays the basic cause of the dispute among family members is about who owns what? Due to lack of reduction to writing, this leads to years of heartache and disputes with loss in this world of wealth, peace of mind and unity and great loss in Aakhirah. So, the golden principle is live like brothers but deal like strangers.

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