Nabi (SAW) 3 golden advices to Muaz bin Jabal (RA) - Musjid Al Hilal

Jumuah, at Musjid-Al-Hilal on October 6, 2017

Allah Taala had given many specialities to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). One gift was brevity and conciseness of speech. His speech was brief but meanings were so vast. One such incident is giving advice to his beloved companion Muaz bin Jabal.
There are 3 situations a person is in: Between himself and Allah, himself and his nafs, himself and the people around him. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) gave the 3 advices to Muaz relating to these 3 situations. The advices are as follows:
1. Have Taqwa with regard to Allah Taala wherever you are. Either on earth, at sea, or the air, meaning any state of living, we should adhere to Taqwa. Taqwa is whatever Allah has commanded we have to do, we have to be loyal to Allah Taala with complete obedience and abstaining from all things Allah Taala has prohibited. There are many ways to develop this Taqwa (mentioned in the Quran). One benefit of Taqwa is that if you obtain Taqwa, people will respect you. Imam Ghazzalii has mentioned that there are 20 benefits of Taqwa in this world and 20 in the Hereafter.
2. We are humans, we err, make mistakes so we should follow it up with good deeds. Extinguish the fire of mistakes with the water of good deeds. Due to evil deeds, there will be endless restlessness and no peace of mind, so we should do some charity, or some zikr, or some Nafl Ibadah to extinguish the fire of evil deeds.
3. In dealing with people, deal with them with good manners and character. Whether relatives, friends, family, neighbours or people around us, we should be friendly and helpful and actually that starts with our own homes.

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