The fervent desire for a year of Barakah & Prosperity – Masjid-us-Salaam, Sunford

Zikr Majlis, at Phoenix on September 21, 2017

The Islamic year 1438 has come to an end, and Alhamdulillah we have now entered 1439. Allah SWT has made the Islamic year such, that it ends on the beautiful month of Dhul Hijjah in which the two great acts of Ibadah of Hajj and Qurbani take place, and begins on the sacred and Mubarak month of Muharram which is based on another great Amal – the Hijrah. Furthermore, great Fadheelat are attached to the fast of the day of Aashura which falls in the month of Muharram. The Islamic year thus begins and ends with Piety! We should not emulate the way of others by wishing each other “Happy New Year” on the beginning of the Islamic year. Rather, the year begins on a serious note, and we should reflect that progressing a year means that we have gone one year further away from the Mubarak era of Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW), and one year closer to the advent of Qiyamah. As we approach Qiyamah more fitnah and turmoil will appear in the world, therefore there is no cause for celebration. Tonight it is raining – so we take a good omen out of this. It was the Sunnah of Nabi (SAW) whenever he saw something positive to take a good sign/omen from it; similarly the mindset of a Mu’min is always optimistic. We thus hope that the year will be one of Barakah and prosperity, that Allah SWT will send us beneficial rain, and the spiritual rains of His Rahmah, Taufeeq and Hidayah to revive our dead hearts. Thereafter the poetry relating to shunning a life of heedlessness was explained.

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