Advices of Ibrahim bin Adham Rah - Part 4

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on September 11, 2017

Sultan Ibrahim bin Adham (R) is regarded amongst the great Auliya Allah of this Ummah, his name is taken with great love and reverence and there is a desire to practice on his advices. We see how when a person sacrifices for the pleasure of Allah, then Allah SWT raises his ranks, and how Allah Ta’ala bestows His bounties according to the extent of sacrifice. Regarding the signs of a true Taubah, Ibrahim bin Adham mentioned it is: ‘Constantly weeping over one’s past sins, fear of returning to that sin, dissociation from evil company, and adopting the company of the Pious’. By way of a reprimand, he gave the following six advices when a person intends to commit a sin: ‘Don’t eat the food Allah has provided for you, do not live in the land that belongs to Allah, commit the sin in such a place where Allah cannot see you, at the time of death ask the Angels to spare your life, do not allow Munkar and Nakeer to approach you to question you in the grave, and when you are sentenced to Jahannum for your sins then refuse to go to Jahannum’. By making Muraqabah on these advices a person will be deterred from sin, and will gain the courage to resist sin. If we do slip into the ‘gutter’ of sin there’s no basis for despondency, as Allah SWT has given us the ‘waters’ of Taubah and the clothing of ‘Istighfaar’. The conditions afflicting the Ummah are due to our deeds; therefore we should adopt the path of obedience. By constantly making Taubah our sins will be erased, and we will become the beloveds of Allah.

Duration Main - Mufti Zubair Bayat: 00:37
Duration Duaa - Hajee Kamraan Saheb: 00:05

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