Obstacles in the path to Allah

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on September 4, 2017

The company of the Ahlullah transforms an ‘ordinary’ Muslim into someone who has Nisbat and Ta’alluq Ma’Allah, and a person gets a deep understanding of Deen which cannot be acquired from studying Kitabs. Whatever occupation you may be in, a state of Kamal (perfection) can be reached by sticking with the Ahlullah and sitting in their Majalis. The important condition is to sit with the necessary Adab (respect) that is required, and with the Talab (desire) to absorb those words into one’s Ruh and practice upon them. The Shaikh is the Spiritual Mentor who guides you as you move up the rungs of spiritual ascendancy, until through the Fadhl and Karam of Allah SWT great spiritual heights are achieved. Once your Deen is in order, all other aspects of life fall into place, and even the ‘tidal waves’ of Dunya will be overcome with ease.
Hajee Kamran DB
These days people are concerned about the political and law and order situation of our city and country; but very few are concerned about the spiritual situation, and those ‘burglars’ and ‘hijackers’ which are taking away our Iman. The Ahlullah have such love and concern for the Ummah that they travel far and wide to be with us; the essence is that we have to come and benefit from them. Make Qadr of them through having conviction that they are Allah Wala (I’tiqaad), informing them of our condition (Ittila’), and following their Nasihah (Ittiba’). We can’t all be Aalims to understand the Shaikh’s prescriptions, so rather become the Aashiq who follows the beloved Shaikh, with no reasons required.

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