Advices of Ibrahim bin Adham Rah - Part 3

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on August 14, 2017

On one occasion Hazrat Ibraheem bin Adham (R) was asked, 'Why are our Duas not accepted', and he gave this very famous piece of advice:
'Our hearts' have become dead because of ten things:
1. You have known Allah, yet you have not fulfilled His duties.
2. You have read the Quran, yet you have not practiced upon its' injunctions.
3. You have professed your love for Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW), yet you have left out his Sunnah.
4. You have claimed that shaytaan is your enemy, yet you side with him.
5. You have pronounced your love for Jannah, yet you have done nothing to achieve it.
6. You have pronounced your fear for Jahannum, yet you have done nothing to escape it.
7. You believe in the certainty of death, yet you have not prepared for it.
8. You have occupied yourself in finding the faults of others, yet you have discarded your own faults.
9. You have enjoyed the bounties and blessings of Allah SWT, yet you remain ungrateful.
10. You have buried your deceased, but you have not taken lesson.
A further two statements Ibrahim bin Adham (R) made relating to Dua: 'When you wake up you throw your faults behind you and begin searching for the faults of others, thus earning the wrath of Allah', and, 'If you make Dua then ensure that you eat Halaal, and ask of Allah SWT to your hearts' desire, because through the Barakah of Halaal earning your Duas will be readily accepted'.
We should not become despondent when hearing such advices, as it does not mean that our Duas will not be accepted. Allah SWT accepts even the Dua of the disbelievers and great sinners; and it was through Dua that many found Hidayah! Rather, we must strive in our quest for spiritual perfection, and rectify these aspects in our lives. We will then become of those whose Duas are readily accepted (Mustajabud Da'wat).

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