Revive the practice of seeking advice - Part 1

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on July 28, 2017

Mu’aaz bin Jabal (RA) from Ansar was very intelligent and bright, always eager to learn from Nabi (SAW), He acquired so much knowledge about halal and haram that Nabi (SAW) gave him the title of “Most learned with respect to Haram and Halal” (expert). He will be given such a great honour on the Day of Judgement that he will lead the group of Ulama and will be their flag bearer. He was so much trusted and loved by Nabi (SAW) that one day he told him; “O Mu’aaz I love you”. He always used to seek advice from Nabi (SAW). This was the practice among all the Sahaba. Sahaba RA used to come from far flung areas to get advices from Nabi (SAW). Even our scholars and elders used to travel for seeking advice. But nowadays, unfortunately this Sunnah is no more practiced. Today we get advices and messages through electronic media: phones, emails, SMS. Whatsapp etc. We read them and pass them on to others without paying attention or without implementing it. We must never abandon the traditional method of seeking advice, which was that person must be a seeker, sitting infront of Ulama with humility. Giving and seeking advice must be personal, one to one and heart to heart. We must not rely only on the device for advice!
Nabi (SAW) once said, “Who is going to take my words of advice and fulfill the rights of this advice”. So it is not only about taking the advice, but there are rights that one has to fulfill. It must come with the sense of responsibility. Therefore the rights or responsibility upon a person is, to practice to convey, to propagate and to teach to others.
Abu Hanifa (RA), our great Imam, used to give advices to his students and children. The advices to children from parents are so useful and beneficial that they remember it for a lifetime. We should never consider this as insignificant. We should continue giving advice to our children. They may not listen whist young but in sha Allah they will benefit later in life. May Allah Ta’ala give us the Taufeeq to revive this Sunnah.

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