Social media - guidelines for usage

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on July 14, 2017

As there are many rapid developments in technology, everyone seems to have access to technology. Many things that were not available in the past are easily accessible today. The scope has also been enhanced, eg, phones were used for communication only (conversing with one another) but now, the whole field of communication has changed. Billions of people are communicating virtually, exchanging documents, photos, videos with the help of social media (facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, Youtube, snapchat etc.). Family members, parents and children are busy with the rest of world and don’t have time for one another. Everything has positive and negative aspects, so does social media. Take the example of a knife; it is neither good nor bad but depends on the hand that holds it. A knife in the hands of a surgeon or person doing Qurbani is beneficial, but a knife in the hands of a killer takes the lives of people! Similarly, social media is both good as well as bad but it depends on what it is being used for. Some people share Ahadith, Aayaat, sayings or announcement of programs as reminders or some charity work of different organisations. It can be an inspiration for others or a means of earning rewards just by the press of a button. There is a Hadith that states the person who encourages someone to do good deeds, will get the rewards without decreasing the rewards of the one doing good.
The negative aspects of social media is that it consumes a lot of time making useless comments for which the sum total of benefit is zero. The time could have been used for some constructive work, tilawah, dhikr, spending time with pious people, reading some good literature, or spending time in the path of Allah. Nowadays, people circulate the rubbish messages and want others to get involved in it. Circulating fabricated Hadith or things attributed to Nabi (SAW) is a major sin. Young children demand costly phones from their parents and get involved in this fitnah. Nowadays there is a new trend of online gaming, where they spend so much time playing games that they miss their Salah. We have to monitor our children. We should regulate the use of the phone. We must not allow the negative aspects to overpower the positive ones. May Allah Ta’ala save all of us from this fitnah.

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