Sacrifice the desires of the nafs

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on July 13, 2017

In the journey of Taqwa a person will experience the pain of sacrificing the desires of the nafs. The true lover of Allah SWT does not shy away; but takes the pain on his heart and bears with patience. Lesson is taken from the Pious Elders on fighting the desires of the nafs, such as the Wali who endured an entire day of hard labour before allowing the nafs a few grams of sweetmeats (mithai). The four pillars of Mujahadah were strong disciplinary measures which the Auliya Allah adopted against the nafs. Taqleel-ut-Ta’aam: to reducing eating, and Taqleel-ul-Manaam: to reducing sleeping, are levels of Mujahadah which, according to our Mashaaikh, do not apply in this day and age. Imposing such Mujahadah on ourselves which causes us to become weak or ill, preventing us fulfilling our Faraaidh is not required. Taqleel-ul-Kalaam: to speak only when necessary, otherwise engaging in Zikrullah; and Taqleel-ul-Ikhtilaati Ma’al Anaam: to reduce socialising, are forms of Mujahadah which are applicable even today. Occasionally, to discipline the nafs, we should deprive ourselves of even permissable desires. The rest of the time, indulge in sufficient halaal to prevent the nafs being attracted to haraam. Islaah is about learning the art of fighting the nafs. A person becomes used to the pain of sacrifice; and ultimately that pain is greatly rewarded and turns into pleasure. Make dua immediately when pain of resisting sin is felt, for at that moment a person is Mustajab-ud-Da’wat!

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