Remembrance of Death - 24th Ramadaan - S1

Ramadaan 2017, at Musjid ut Taqwa on June 18, 2017

Our pious elder, Hazrat Shaikh Zakariyya R gave reminders about maut (death) in poetry form (ashaar), so as to emphasize the purpose of being in this world. The lesson to ponder is that this life is a transit lounge. Nabi SAW who was most needed for his Ummah, had to leave this world thus none can then say they are going to live forever. Shaddad built a beautiful, huge palace which took 15 years to complete. In the moment of glory, just before Shaddad could enter his body dropped to the floor – dead!. This is the reality of the world, that neither wealth nor power has kept death away from anyone. In this poetry the reality of death is explained. Your clothes will be replaced with kafn and you will be left alone in the depths of the earth and all that will be left is the talk and remarks of people. The unfaithfulness of the world is that soon you will be a forgotten entity and a distant memory. The lessons to be learnt is don't rely on anyone and invest in your Aakhirah- do good deeds, give sadqah, do sawabe jariyah, contribute to Masjids, so that your returns come to you after you have left this world. One worries to leave everything behind for the comfort of his family but how comfortable will he be in the grave?

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