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Zikr Majlis, at Durban on April 4, 2017

The primary objective of the Masajid, which are the houses of Allah SWT, is His Thikr. Stopping the Thikr of Allah takes away the light, adornment and beauty of the house of Allah SWT, and causes it to become deserted. People are attracted to a house which is ‘abaad’ (occupied), whereas a deserted house makes a person feel uneasy. The heart is our spiritual ‘house’, which if we make abaad with the Thikr of Allah SWT becomes a happy place. If the heart is left deprived of the Thikr of Allah SWT it becomes like a deserted house, and all kinds of sadness and loneliness enter into that heart. The Majalis-us-Thikr are gardens of Jannah, which Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) instructed us to partake of. The Malaikah search for these special gatherings and surround them. We should try to be a part of such gatherings, and develop the habit of Thikr such that it becomes part of our daily life. We should surrender to the orders of Allah SWT, and if we don’t have the taufeeq to practice on any order, attribute it to our own weakness, rather than to deny His order. When we have broken the command of Allah SWT, make our eyes wet with tears of regret with sincerity. Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) mentioned: ‘The one who cries out of fear of Allah SWT, even if it is to the extent of the head of a fly, the fire will not burn such a person’. Just a droplet of a tear in this Dunya is sufficient to extinguish the fire of Jahannum, whereas rivers of tears in the Aakhirah will be of no benefit to a person.

Duration Naat 1 - Hfz R Arbee: 00:07
Duration Main: 00:30
Duration Naat 2 - Hfz R Arbee: 00:05
Duration Zikr: 00:13
Duration Dua: 00:08

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