Opening our Hearts to "The Opening Surah, Al-Fatihah - Session 1

Special Programme, at Glenwood Musallah on March 30, 2017

Allah SWT refers to Suratul Fatihah in the Holy Quran as ‘Al-Quran Al-Azeem’ – ‘the Great Quran’. Suratul Fatihah epitomises the overall message of the Holy Quran, and the core themes of the Quran are concentrated into these ‘seven oft repeated verses’. Allah SWT has laid so much emphasis on this Surah that He made it compulsory to be read in every Rakaah of every Salaah. By keeping this Surah in front of us, and reciting it over and over again it will become a great source of guidance, and inspiration for us at all moments in life. This of course, is provided that we know the contents of Suratul Fatihah, therefore the purpose of this program is to acquaint and empower us with the subject matter of Suratul Fatihah. Suratul Fatihah answers all the fundamental questions of life which man grapples with, and in each verse is a very poignant lesson. The more we ponder and reflect on this Surah, we will be spiritually strengthened, our level of Iman will rise and we will achieve a greater connection with the Holy Quran. Let us open our hearts’ to the ‘Opening Chapter’, Suratul Fatihah. There will be no better companion for a person in this world, in the grave, and on the Day of Qiyamah than the Holy Quran. No Nabi or even close Angel of Allah will have the power of intercession like the Holy Quran on the Day of Qiyamah, which Allah Rabbul Izzat will readily accept. Let it not be that our whole lives go past without us understanding what Allah SWT is saying to us in the Holy Quran.

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Duration Main Part 2: 00:42
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