Establishing the House of Allah for His remembrance - Musallah Umar Farooq, Umbilo

Zikr Majlis, at Durban on March 23, 2017

Allah SWT speaks about the importance of establishing places of Ibadah in the Holy Quran. Furthermore Allah SWT describes the qualities of such ‘men’ who frequent these places of worship. Their commercial activities do not distract them from the objective of being in this world, which is the worship and remembrance of Allah SWT. The ‘Shaan’ of a Mu’min is such that they may be occupied with their daily activities, but not for a moment are their heart’s negligent of the remembrance of Allah SWT. The secret of the motivation of such people is the remembrance of the Aakhirah. When a person fears the accountability of the day of Qiyamah they will tread carefully in this world, just as a businessman is careful in his financial dealings out of fear of being audited by the Revenue Department - ‘SARS’. To a greater extent the true Mu’min is constantly conscious of the ultimate ‘audit’ of the day of Qiyamah where he will be taken to account for every action, word, glance and thought. A person is spiritually purified by frequenting the Masjid, like bathing five times a day therefore we should connect ourselves to the houses of Allah and establish Salaah. Rajab is one of the four months mentioned in the Holy Quran in which good deeds are multiplied by Allah SWT more than in the other months. Sayyidina Abdul Qadir Jilani (R) mentioned: Rajab is the month in which the seeds are planted, Shaban the month in which the seeds are watered, and Ramadaan the month in which the fruits are harvested. We should anticipate the arrival of these holy months and spiritually prepare ourselves to take maximum benefit from them. The first night of Rajab is one of the five great nights in the year according to Imam Shafi (R).

Duration Qiraat - Hfz M Randeree: 00:04
Duration Naat 1 - Ml M Kaamil: 00:06
Duration Naat 2 - Ml M Kaamil: 00:07
Duration Main: 00:30
Duration Zikr: 00:04
Duration Dua: 00:08

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