Advice to Anas RA: Keep a clean Heart

Jumuah, at Phoenix on January 20, 2017

Our leader, and guide Nabi (sallahu alaihi wasallam), addressed a very young companion Hazrat Anas (radi allahu anhu) with some very valuable advices and said to him:
“O My beloved son. If you can make it that every day and night goes past, such that you have no ill feelings in the heart of any sort against anyone, then do this. Hold on to this. O My beloved son! this is my Sunnah. He who loves my Sunnah, loves me and he who loves me will be with me in Jannah.”
This was an extremely beautiful advice, given in a very kind, loving and compassionate manner. In this is a lesson for all fathers, mothers, grandparents and guardians of children. The manner in which advice should be given, is of love, compassion and kindness. “O My beloved son!” conveys a tone of love, compassion and concern. The advice was not given in anger and frustration. To give advice with anger, hatred and frustration is not the way of Deenul Islam.
In Deenul Islam, Nasihah and advice is given with love, compassion, feeling and concern. Unfortunately, today even parents when advising their children, advise with anger and in a harsh manner, using derogatory words, etc. No doubt at times Nasihah has to be given with firmness/sternness but we should never confuse firmness/sternness in reprimanding with frustration and harshness. Thus always remember when Nasihah is being given to our children, it must be done with compassion and kindness. Allah SWT grant us all Taufiq.
Nabi’ s (sallahu alaihi wasallam) heart was free of grudges, ill feelings, hatred, bad thoughts and opinions against anyone. His (sallahu alaihi wasallam) heart was absolutely clean and pure. This is a great Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallahu alaihi wasallam) and Rasulullah (sallahu alaihi wasallam), said:
“He who loves my Sunnah, loves me and he who loves me, will be with me in Jannah.”

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