Unlock our matters with the Master Key of Tawheed - Al Ihsan Musallah, Ibnis Rd

Zikr Majlis, at Durban on November 17, 2016

Tawheed is the negation of the strength and capability of the entire creation, and the affirmation of the power of only Allah SWT, which is encapsulated in Kalimah Tayyibah ‘Laa illahah illallah’. Allah SWT has made this a world of means, however means are simply the outward cause for the fulfillment of the need of a person. The reality is that every necessity and need of human beings will only be satisfied by Allah SWT, and this is the essence of Tawheed. Tawheed is that very lesson of a Mu’min which must be refreshed every day, by constantly saying to ourselves and others that only Allah Ta’ala will solve the problem and fulfill the need. By constantly thinking, listening to and speaking this message the reality will enter and settle in the heart. The world is full of adverse conditions, however all conditions are the creation of Allah SWT. The only solution to the anxieties and problems of the world is Tawheed which is thus the master key that opens all the locks of the problems of this world. The first port of call in any situation or problem is Allah Rabbul Izzat, thereafter according to the teachings of the Sunnah we should adopt the simplest means and avoid exhausting ourselves in elaborate means. Allah Ta’ala manifested the principle of all things happening only by His Khudrat through the Ambiyaa (AS) in order to teach the lesson of Tawheed. We do not need to be out in the path of Allah SWT only to talk about His greatness, rather every reader of the Kalimah must have this message on their tongue, every day of their life.

Duration Naat - Hfz R Arbee: 00:07
Duration Main: 00:23
Duration Naat - Ml M Kaamil: 00:06
Duration Salaam & Salaam: 00:10
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