Our Responsibility in taking Islam forward - An Noor Masjid, Bethlehem

Special Programme, at Bethlehem on September 22, 2016

Allah SWT has brought us here for the purpose of spreading His word and message. As long as the Muslims are fulfilling this objective, then Allah SWT will protect them. Allah SWT brought Muslims from all over and South Africa and elsewhere to the town of Bethlehem so this piece of earth could be a place where Allah’s name is taken. The establishment of Masjid, Madressah and Qabrastaan are a great favour of Allah Ta’ala upon the community. The intention and the objective now is to take the Deen of Allah to every person and every home. We, the Ummah of Nabi Muhammad (SAW) are Allah SWT’s chosen servants, and if our intention towards mankind is good then Allah SWT will turn their hearts’ towards us. The first advice given to the people of Bethlehem on taking Islam forward is to establish a da’wah office in the town. Secondly, to host open days at the Masjid on a regular basis as the minimum that will be achieved is the misconceptions people have about Deenul Islam will be addressed. The third advice given is to practice Islam fully and be proud of our Muslim identity so that Islam can be practically witnessed by the community. The fourth advice is to be good to neighbours through ikram (respect) and khidmat (service) as our Deen teaches us. The fifth advice given is to maintain a good relationship with the local authorities in order for the needs of the Muslim community to be understood and accommodated. Unity in the community is very important and should be fostered, then the energies can be focused and Allah Ta’ala will use the community for His work and the Deen will spread, Inshallah.

Duration Main: 00:58
Duration Qasida Burdah - Hfz M Seedat: 00:08
Duration Main 2: 00:03
Duration Dua: 00:02

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