That Noble Personality who changed the World

Zikr Majlis, at Musallah Al Madinah on August 18, 2016

The advent of Nabi Muhammad (SAW) is one of the greatest favours of Allah SWT on the believers and humanity. With his coming darkness was removed, light filled the earth and practises of ignorance were abolished. Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) was sent to this world to remove idol worship and the worship of anything besides Allah. When Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) entered the Kaaba at the time of the conquest of Makkah all idols were destroyed and removed from the Kaaba and it’s vicinity. Islam is Tauheed which means the worship of One Allah without any adulteration. Nobody is worthy of worship in whichever form, nobody is worthy of being asked for help, nobody is worthy of prostration besides Allah, and nobody has the attributes and qualities of Allah. Ibraheem AS could not comprehend idol worship so he searched for that which was worthy of worship in the Universe considering the stars, the moon and the sun, only to come to the conclusion that none of these were worthy of worship besides Allah SWT who is the Creator of all. The status of Allah Ta’ala’s beloved will be manifested to all of His Creation on the day of Qiyamah. Every person will be compelled to go to Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) who will be the only Nabi with the courage to intercede to Allah SWT on behalf of mankind, and only then will reckoning begin. As the Ummatis of that special Nabi we should live up to that honour by striving to reform ourselves and others. In this way more will become the loyal followers of Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) of whom he can be proud on the day of Qiyamah.

Duration Naat - Hfz R Arbee: 00:07
Duration Main: 00:21
Duration Qasida Burda - Hfz M Randeree: 00:05
Duration Zikr: 00:08
Duration Dua: 00:06

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