Poetry "Escape into the lane of your Lord" - Avondale Musallah

Zikr Majlis, at Avondale Musallah, Durban on August 4, 2016

A very unique poetry composed in the style of a conversation between two teenage girls encountering the challenges of adolescence. One of them is inclined towards having an illicit relationship and the other discourages her from taking that path of sin.

'She advises her not to walk down this dark lane which is only going to increase restlessness in her heart and life'

By going to places of Sin and vice we expose ourselves to the temptation of being pulled into that sin. Such places are marked for the Azaab (punishment) of Allah Ta'ala. These places of baatil (evil) are decorated and designed to entice a person into sin. Our Imaan screams inside to save a person but overpowered by the attraction a person ignores this and slides down a slippery slope to disaster.

'She further tells her that if you persist to go down this path then you continue but I will never join you'

The power of peer pressure is that a person is drowning and wants to pull others down with him. In the Aakhirat those whose friendship led them to more sins will regret and hate each other intensely as they face their punishment. On the other hand, 'a friend in Deen is a friend Indeed' by encouraging each other towards goodness.

'Hazrat Wala (rah) then addresses Meer Saheb (rah) saying that in every path of the Dunya I found nothing but disappointment'

Giving your heart to cars, property, wealth and the things of the Dunya leads to despair and emptiness. Hazrat Maseehul Ummah (rah) explained beautifully that Allah Ta'ala granted us pairs in our eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc but only One Heart, one tongue, one heart for One Allah! As per the hadith of Rasulullah (SAW) we are taught to become Allah's then Allah Ta'ala will become ours. The simplest way to achieve this is to connect ourselves with the Ahlullah who have gained this Closeness to Allah Ta‘ala.

Duration Naat - Hfz R Arbee: 00:05
Duration Main: 00:29
Duration Naat 2 - Ml M Kaamil: 00:05
Duration Zikr: 00:05
Duration Dua: 00:04

Tags: 2, aakhirat, adolescence, Ahlullah, Allah, azaab, baatil, cars, challenges, closeness, conversation, disaster, dunya, evil, expose, Friendship, girls, Hadith, Heart, illicit, imaan, Meer saheb, path, peer, poetry, power, pressure, property, punishment, Rasulullah, relationship, restlessness, simplest, sin, teenage, temptation, two, wealth

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