A Muslim Businessmans Oath


A Muslim Businessmans Oath


I will, Insha-Allah, behave Islamically towards:


My Creator:


* My intention for business will not be merely to enrich myself but to earn Halaal and spend in the right path
* I will regard it as a compulsory duty to learn all the Islamic rules and laws regarding business from the Ulama
* I will then always conduct my business according to the Laws of Shari’ah
* I will spend my resources wisely, always maintaining appropriate reserves for difficult times


My Customers:


* My primary responsibility is to provide the best quality product to those who come to my business
* I will receive my customers politely and treat them with respect and dignity
* I will work to cut my overhead costs in order to charge reasonable prices
* I will process all transactions speedily and without errors
* I will not misrepresent my products or services to any customer at all
* I will gladly accept to refund a dissatisfied customer


My Suppliers and Distributors:


* I will work with my suppliers and distributors to maintain consistency in quality and service
* I will ensure that they make a fair profit


My Employees:


* All my employees will work in safe and clean conditions
* They will receive fair and adequate compensation
* They will have ample opportunities to develop their skills
* They will feel free to make suggestions, or complaints
* I will safeguard their rights and respect their dignity at all times
* I will clearly communicate to all employees what is expected of them
* I will compensate my employees equitably
* I will allow them reasonable time to fulfil their religious obligations, especially Salaah & Hajj


My Competitors:

* I will not engage in monopolistic behaviour and preclude others from competing with me
* I will compete fairly without engaging in un-Islamic tactics
* I will not be envious or malicious towards my competitors in anyway


My Community:


* I will support the community I live in as well as the world-wide Ummah
* I will be a good citizen, by contributing to the welfare of the needy and the destitute in society


Mufti Zubair Bayat