Stop the desires of the nafs with the brake of Taqwa

Zikr  |  04-05-2017  | Protection against sin lies in picturing the Day of Qiyamah. When a person reflects on standing before Allah SWT, and the presentation of his deeds, then it becomes the ‘brakes’ which stops the ‘car of nafs’ speeding towards ghunaa (sin). The struggle of life in this dunya is to reverse off(…)

Breaking the habit of sin

Zikr Majlis |  13-04-2017  |  The best Munajat is Suratul Fatihah. Through it Allah SWT teaches us the method of supplication, so that we supplicate in such a manner that gains His immediate acceptance. Dua is a great form of Ibadah. If we make dua in the correct manner we will receive what we are(…)

Obtaining the Taufeeq of Tauba – Muaaz bin Jabal – Westville

Zikr  |  27-10-2016  | Muaaz bin Jabal – Westville  |  We have to learn to surrender ourselves completely before Allah SWT’s commands not hesitating to follow them, and not questioning them. The nature of human beings in this world is that we commit a lot of sins and errors, but we should not justify ourselves despite(…)

Poetry “Escape into the lane of your Lord” – Avondale Musallah

Zikr  |  04-08-2016  | Avondale Musallah  |  A very unique poetry composed in the style of a conversation between two teenage girls encountering the challenges of adolescence. One of them is inclined towards having an illicit relationship and the other discourages her from taking that path of sin. ‘She advises her not to walk down this(…)

A unique method of introspection (Muhasaba)

Islahi  |  23-05-2016  |  A unique method of Muhasabah (introspection) – this article was authored by Imam-e-Rabbani, Hz Mujaddid Alfe-Thani (R) who was one of the greatest Auliyaa of the time. The practise of Muhasabah-e-nafs which is to examine one’s verbal utterances, practical actions and other activites before retiring to bed is found in all(…)

Benefits of humility and the harms of pride

Islahi  |  14-03-2016  |  Allah Rabbul Izzat has very strongly condemned the evil attribute of pride in the Holy Quran. The very first sin committed on the surface of the earth was that of pride, when Iblees rejected the command of Allah Ta’ala to prostrate to Aadam AS. The subject matter and essence of the(…)

Giving up the Habit of Sin – Reservoir Hills Masjid

Zikr Majlis  |  28-01-2016  |   Reservoir Hills Masjid  |  Nabi (SAW) mentioned ‘Every child and every son of Aadam AS, except the Ambiyaa AS are sinners. The best of sinners are the Tawwaboon (those who make Taubah and repent)’. A person may either sin occasionally or accidentally, or they may be a habitual sinner who(…)

As you live, so will you die and be resurrected!

Jumuah  |  04-09-2015  |  Masjid-us-Sawliheen, Sherwood  |  The Quran states that those that lead a life of piety are honoured with glad-tidings by the Angels at the time of death. A Hadith states that our death comes in the way we lead our lives and we will be raised on Qiyamah in the way that(…)

4 Inspirational Advices of Nabi (SAW) to Muazz RA

Islahi Majlis  |  27-07-2015  |  Sayyiduna Muaz (RA) asked Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam for advice. Four points of advice were given…
1> Worship Allah as if you are seeing Him. (Ihsan… achieved through Zikr)     
2> Count yourself among the dead. (Nothing of the world matters to or upsets a dead man… be like that!)
3> Remember Allah near(…)

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