Poetry “Escape into the lane of your Lord” – Avondale Musallah

Zikr  |  04-08-2016  | Avondale Musallah  |  A very unique poetry composed in the style of a conversation between two teenage girls encountering the challenges of adolescence. One of them is inclined towards having an illicit relationship and the other discourages her from taking that path of sin. ‘She advises her not to walk down this(…)

A unique method of introspection (Muhasaba)

Islahi  |  23-05-2016  |  A unique method of Muhasabah (introspection) – this article was authored by Imam-e-Rabbani, Hz Mujaddid Alfe-Thani (R) who was one of the greatest Auliyaa of the time. The practise of Muhasabah-e-nafs which is to examine one’s verbal utterances, practical actions and other activites before retiring to bed is found in all(…)

Benefits of humility and the harms of pride

Islahi  |  14-03-2016  |  Allah Rabbul Izzat has very strongly condemned the evil attribute of pride in the Holy Quran. The very first sin committed on the surface of the earth was that of pride, when Iblees rejected the command of Allah Ta’ala to prostrate to Aadam AS. The subject matter and essence of the(…)

As you live, so will you die and be resurrected!

Jumuah  |  04-09-2015  |  Masjid-us-Sawliheen, Sherwood  |  The Quran states that those that lead a life of piety are honoured with glad-tidings by the Angels at the time of death. A Hadith states that our death comes in the way we lead our lives and we will be raised on Qiyamah in the way that(…)

4 Inspirational Advices of Nabi (SAW) to Muazz RA

Islahi Majlis  |  27-07-2015  |  Sayyiduna Muaz (RA) asked Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam for advice. Four points of advice were given…
1> Worship Allah as if you are seeing Him. (Ihsan… achieved through Zikr)     
2> Count yourself among the dead. (Nothing of the world matters to or upsets a dead man… be like that!)
3> Remember Allah near(…)

How to give up Sins

Islahi Majlis  |  02-03-2015  |  The central theme of the Majalis of all Mashayikh is on giving up sins. We’re always looking for easy ways & Maulana Yunus Patel (R) has shown a few easy steps for quick progress on the path of piety… what to do & not to do. These few pointers are(…)

Dreadful consequences of Sin in this world – Part 2

Islahi Majlis | 09-02-2015 |  The repercussions of sins in the life of this world are many, which destroy the pleasure of life and affect one physically, mentally & spiritually. Our sins are so many that we are left wondering which sin we are ‘paying’ for. The pious easily identified the factor underlying a difficulty(…)

Dreadful consequences of Sin in this world – Part 1

Islahi Majlis | 02-02-2015 |  Good & bad deeds have consequences, not only long term but even short term. In this world, the obedient enjoy “Hayaatan Tayyibah” (a pure, enjoyable life) and the disobedient suffer “Ma’eeshatan Dankaa” (a straightened, miserable life). The sinner is distanced from Allah and everything associated with Allah….Baytullah (Musjid), Kalamullah (Qur’an),(…)

Insulating the Heart from Evil

Islahi Majlis  |  18-08-2014  |  After Ramadaan, many find themselves on a spiritual decline, feeling inclined to sin, losing the Nisbat ma’allah (connection with Allah) & other Kayfiyaat (feelings) of Taqwa. Why?… Hz Ml Yunus Patel Sb (R) explains in a Malfooz that had we insulated our hearts strongly with the garments of Ihsan &(…)

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