Hazrat Maulana Mazhar Sb DB – an embodiment of Akhlaq

Zikr  |  15-02-2018  | Poetry: Maulana Mazhar ki Amaad The programs of Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Mazhar Sb DB – the illustrious son of an illustrious father, have been widely announced. We tend to take the Ahlullah for granted because they come regularly to our shores. We should actually be seeking out their company,(…)

Ignorance – a spiritual malady P8

Islahi  |  07-11-2016  |  Knowledge enables a person to deal with the various situations faced in life in the best possible manner with the most favourable outcome. Nabi-e-Kareem ﷺ said referring to knowledge that a person will never be satisfied with listening to such ‘goodness’ until he enters his abode in Jannah. The true appetite(…)

Benefits of humility and the harms of pride

Islahi  |  14-03-2016  |  Allah Rabbul Izzat has very strongly condemned the evil attribute of pride in the Holy Quran. The very first sin committed on the surface of the earth was that of pride, when Iblees rejected the command of Allah Ta’ala to prostrate to Aadam AS. The subject matter and essence of the(…)

Fill the vault of the heart with spiritual treasures

Zikr Majlis  |  04-03-2016  |  The pangs of love for Allah Ta’ala are what make a heart worthy of being called a heart. Allah SWT says in the Quran the hallmark of the people of Iman is intense love for Allah SWT. We should not be content with a low level of love for Allah(…)

The life of Hz Ml Maseehullah Khan Shb (RA)

Islahi  |  02-11-2015  |  The more we recognise a person’s beautiful attributes and character, the more will be our affinity, appreciation & benefit. The high standard of Akhlaq which was the natural disposition of Hz Ml Maseehullah Khan Sb (R) is indeed amazing. What a soft heart, filled with such kindness, compassion, mercy, tolerance, humility(…)

Effects of pious company on the heart

Zikr Majlis  |  28-05-2015  | Poetry entitled “Karam se Unke Mera Saamne Unka Haram Aya…” composed by Hadrat Shah Muhammad Hakeem Akhtar Saheb RA in the precincts of the Kabah Shareef whilst on Umrah. These are the special moments in our life when we are invited to the Haram.It is such a place where duas are(…)

Career Choices – The Islamic Perspective

Jumuah  |  14-11-2014  |   Achievement of the best grades in the exams is not the sum total of success or failure for a person. Remember that Rizq is determined by Allah Ta’ala and education alone doesn’t dictate it. Be cautious not to gloat over good results but turn in Shukr to Allah. Adopt mashwarah (consultation)(…)

“Stir Up” the love of Allah in the Heart – Summer Glade Musallah

Zikr Majlis  |  04-09-2014  | Summer Glade Musallah, Durban  |  Every Mu’min has the love of Allah SWT in the heart but effort is not made to stir it & taste its sweetness. Stir the sugar of the sweetness of Imaan with Zikrullah & attending the gatherings of the pious & once its sweetness enters(…)

Importance of Suhbat (company) of the Ahlullah

Islahi Majlis  |  12-05-2014  |  The gatherings of the Ahlullah have a distinct benefit. Special Kayfiyaat (spiritual feelings) are transmitted from heart to heart creating the desired impact of taking one onto the path of Amal.. You’ve got to come close to the ‘fire’ to experience its warmth. Technology has limitations- receivers & audio streaming(…)

Shah Abdul Gani Phulpuri (Rah) – Glimpses of his Life

Islahi Majlis  |  24-03-2014  | Divinely chosen to acquire Deeni Ilm, Hz Phulpuri (Rah) founded Raudatul Uloom(Garden of Knowledge) & was, himself, truly, a garden of knowledge, piety & purity. His love for his Shaikh & vice –versa and his fervour for Deen and its protection are among his many admirable qualities. His life & works(…)

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