What are podcasts?
Podcasts are a simple way of being notified off and downloading the latest audio recordings as they are updated to a particular website.

Alhumdulillah we have added this feature to to allow listeners to easily stay updated and gain access to the latest audio recordings of Mufti Zubair Bayat  دامت بركاته .

Podcasts will work on iPhone, BB and Android. The instructions for BB are hereunder.

iPhone users, simply need to search for ‘Mufti Zubair’ under Podcasts in the appstore.

Android users can download an app that supports Podcasts e.g. Podcast Addict and subscribe using the podcast link:

NB: Downloading of audio’s via BB will be covered via BIS service so there shouldn’t be any extra charges. However for iPhone and Android users data charges would apply so it is best to set your podcast app to download via WiFi only.

By following the 7 Steps below you should be able to subscribe to the podcast and have notifications appear whenever audio is updated similar to how you are notfied of BBM or Email messages.

Below are instructions to add to your Podcast App on your BB.

1. On your BB go to Options (Spanner Icon) > Device > About Device Versions

2. Check your BB OS version on 3rd line – will be either 6 / 7 / 7.1 – take note of this and exit back to main menu

3. Select the relevant link below depending on ur OS version above:

OS 6
OS 7
OS 7.1

4. You maybe asked to replace the app, select ‘Replace’. After installing it could ask to ‘Reboot’, if so select this.

5. Once your BB reboots then go to ‘Media’ you will find the Podcasts app, select ‘Add Podcast Channel’ .

You may be asked to accept the licence agreement, scroll down and select ‘I Agree’.

6. On the next screen enter:

and select ‘Add Channel’
Once it finds the podcast feed, select ‘Subscribe’, then select ‘Subscribe’ again.
A warning abt Subcriptions and large files will show, select ‘OK’

7. Go to Options, scroll down and change ‘Download Podcast files using:’ to ‘Wi-Fi and Mobile Network’. Also change ‘When new episodes are found:’ to ‘Download All’.