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Shake off heedlessness and focus on the great months - Avondale Musallah

Pearls from Mathnavi (P. 18) - The old man and the thorn tree

Nikah - Appreciate this great bounty

Choose one of two paths... - North Beach

Pearls from Mathnavi (P. 17) - The thirsty person and the wall

Desirable Qur'anic Qualities 3/3

Pearls from Mathnavi (P. 15) - Dialogue between Hazrat Muawiya R.A and Shaytaan

Desirable Qur'anic Qualities 1/3

Best of the wrogdoers are those who repent

Pearls from Mathnavi (P. 13) - From the stench of sin to the fragrance of piety