Surah Kahf - Great Prescription against Fitnahs

Jumuah, at Ladysmith on February 10, 2017

Surah Kahf is a very important and significant Surah of the Holy Quran. It is highly recommended to read this Surah on every Friday, as Allah SWT through its barakah will grant us safety and protection. In fact Nabi (sallahu alaihi wasallam) has mentioned that the one who memorizes 10 verses from Surah Kahf, Allah SWT will protect him from the Fitnahs of Dajjal. In other narrations it is mentioned, that even if one recites 10 or 3 verses of Surah Kahf, one will be protected.
The Fitnah of Dajjal will be the greatest and most difficult fitnah in the history of mankind. There will be no greater fitnah than the Fitnah of Dajjal. Nabi (sallahu alaihi wasallam) gave us a graphic description of Dajjal, his fitnah and his deception. Therefore we should make it a habit of daily reciting the first and last 10 verses of Surah Kahf. The Fitnah of Dajjal is going to be the greatest fitnah, therefore all other fitnah which will be of a lesser nature, will also be overpowered by the power of this Surah.
The times that are coming are going to be very difficult times. We can see how much the Muslim Ummah is suffering in every part of the world. We should preplan and be proactive. One very effective spiritual measure of protection is the recitation of Surah Kahf regularly.
There are 4 important incidents mentioned by Allah SWT in Surah Kahf:
1. The youth whose Iman was tested and tried and Allah SWT protected them.
2. The person who was tested and tried with wealth.
3. The test of knowledge (incident of Musa alaihisalaam).
4. The test of power (Zul Qarnain).
These are the four main tests, all of us face ie, test of Iman, wealth, knowledge and power. All these tests are covered in this Surah.

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