Islam vs The West


For a successful existence on earth, all human beings are in dire need of guidance for every action and movement of their lives. A brief study of all the “isms” and religions of the world will reveal that Islam is the only system of life that has provided guidance for even the very basic and mundane actions of man’s life on earth; guidance that other systems and religions have not even given the slightest thought.
Take for example the simple act of relieving oneself. Other systems and religions, especially Western culture and ‘civilization’ are silent, almost dumb on this basic aspect of human life. The outcome of leaving their followers ignorant or even misguided regarding such a simple matter as relieving oneself, has resulted in many health hazards for those poor people because they are constantly violating the basic rules of hygiene. When Islam has provided complete guidance for man in such a basic matter, then to a far greater extent it has provided guidance in all other areas of life.Another beautiful aspect of Islam’s guidance, which is glaringly absent in other systems, is its totally balanced approach. All forms of extremes and excesses are avoided and shunned. This is all due to the fact that Islam is not the product of human endeavor but is a divinely ordained way of life.



There are some areas where the other systems have just begun to recognize the need for providing guidance and education for their followers, which Islam had done centuries before. One such area is “sex education”. The West, having just emerged from the darkness of the middle ages, has suddenly realized the importance of sex “education”. Yet this is something which was part and parcel of Islamic teachings since its inception fourteen hundred years ago. It should however be borne in mind that Islamic sex education is poles apart from the Western concept of sex ‘education’, which could rather be termed as sex ‘corruption’. There is a vast difference between the crude attitude of the West to this subject in comparison with Islam’s refined approach. The west has thoroughly degraded the real (Islamic) concept of sex education by adulterating this important branch of learning, with it’s depraved values and outlook on sex.


The West has committed great excesses in its approach and attitude towards sex and sex education. Instead of benefiting its followers and guiding them correctly, the West has created more complications for its followers and corrupted their values. The West, through its depraved outlook on sex, is responsible for untold human suffering and misery. The consequences of ‘free’, uninhibited sexual indulgence that the West so brazenly promotes, is terrible; The ever-increasing spiral in the incidence of AIDS and HIV-infection can be directly attributed to the West’s liberal attitude towards sexual indulgence. AIDS ought to have forced a change in their outlook on sexual “freedom”. It has not, in fact, the West unashamedly continues in its promotion of corrupt sexual values under the guise of so-called “safe sex”. (A leopard apparently doesn’t change its spots).


The West is making a vigorous effort to promote their libertine culture and values upon the nations of the world. To this end, they are employing all the resources available at their disposal. One such powerful medium is education, via the Western, secular educational system. In order to promote it’s liberal culture on sex, the West introduced the concept of sex “education” (Corruption) as an important element of the educational curriculum. Through this, it hopes to imbue the coming generations with its corrupt values on sex from a very tender age. Corrupt and perverted values on sex are being foisted onto the minds of the unwary victims in the name of sex “education”. Young, impressionable minds are being slowly corrupted with debased Western sexual values at secular institutions under the guise of “education”. Tangible examples of such degenerate sexual values is encouragement towards sexual “experimentation” in the form of masturbation, dating, viewing pornographic material, premarital sex, depraved sexual acts and practices and casting aside modesty and natural inhibitions. These are the anti-thesis of all that which Islam stands for. The danger this poses to the Muslims, especially the Muslim youth, is indescribable, as it shakes the very foundations of their faith, their morality and their value systems. Yet many parents and concerned citizens of society are blissfully unaware of the magnitude of the problem. If this trend continues unchecked, the tidal wave of depravity will certainly destroy the morality of the Islamic society. Every member of society has to play a meaningful role in stanching this rot and decay that is sure to devastate our present and coming generations.


May Allah protect one and all from this avalanche of pollution. Aameen.
Mufti Z. Bhayat