Simple Guidelines to a Happy Marriage

Nikah Advice’s   |  04-11-2012  |  Islamic Guidance – Durban  |  Nikah is a sign amongst Allah’s signs. When the correct approach is adopted & a marriage is patterned on the example of Sayyiduna Muhammad (SAW), then there will be blissful unity of the couple & their families which is, in fact, unification of the(…)

Nikah – love & responsibility – Nikah Advice’s

Nikah Advices  | 06-10-2012 | Islamic Guidance – Durban  –  Uniting two strangers with just one word, nikah is a unique Ibadah which generates unparalleled love. A woman is the greatest Amanah that can be handed over in this world, given in trust to a man, after being nurtured with so much love in her(…)